Friday, March 11, 2011

Deadly bug can fight cancer... wow...

Got a great news from the medical arena...
We use to listen many deaths and sufferings through Cancer, these days... It is a very powerful murderer... Kills few people physically, few mentally and few spiritually...
But there a great news coming from Washington... that now we can fight from it...
Scientists are enlisting salmonella, a deadly bug that turns thousands of people sick every year, to do the unthinkable -- fight cancer!
University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Centre researchers believe the bug may be a valuable tool in the fight against cancer in organs surrounding the gut, namely the liver, spleen, and colon, since that's where salmonella naturally infects the body.
Trials in animals have already shown salmonella can successfully control tumours in the gut. Human clinical trials are already underway, showing promise.

"Many bacteria and viruses - even harmful ones - can be used to fight disease," said Masonic Cancer Clinic medical director Edward Greeno, who led the study.
Scientists have known for centuries that cancer patients sometimes get better after they've been exposed to an infection. For example, Greeno said, there is a published Austria report from the 1860s on a patient with a large tumour, according to a Masonic Centre statement.
The patient was placed in the same room as another sick patient with a bad infection. Soon, the tumour became infected and began to shrink in the original patient and nearly disappeared. Unfortunately, the infection also killed the patient with the tumour.

So the key for this research initiative, Greeno said, was to find a way to get the tumour fighting abilities of salmonella delivered to the patient - without making the patient sick.
I lost my Grandfather and maternal Grandmother, cause of this disease only... but wish that now nobody will loose there near-n-dearones...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Its OUR day...

A WOMAN give
A day to live
A day to love
A day to smile
A day to laugh
A day to birth
A day to rebirth
A day to happiness
A day to cheeriness
A day to care
A day to affection
A day to to warmth
A day to friendship
A day to fondness
A day to passion
A day to emotion
A day to relish
A day to cherish
A day to share
A day to learn
A day to enjoy
A day to celebrate...

SO Today...
Let's Celebrate...


everyone... :)