Saturday, December 22, 2012

Female foeticide... a better option :(

Last few days... disaster, shame, disgrace, dishonour...
Yes, m talking about the inhuman act happened in Delhi.
Everyone, reading this post is familiar with that disaster news, that's why m not writing it completely, or u can say, I m not having that much courage to write that.
But, seeing all such happened, watching all the news, n the discussion going on in every news channel is much more unsatisfied. How idiotically, we are discussing, that what must the politicians or the law have to do. And I also seen some people taking voice to the real problem that why such inhuman acts are taking place, but of no use. The host of those shows changes the topic, n changes the person also, and again they start discussing that what the Gov. should do. I'm not saying that, this is not important to discuss, but, is it possible that if u destroy few branches of any harmful plant, the harm will end.
And what the hell happened by discussion??? What anyone done??? Just few more coverage for news channels, just few more debates. Huh...
More such cases are in news. A news came, yesterday... a rape happened with a 3 year old girl, in Delhi only. Just think of her age, she didn't even know, what affliction took place with her. One more news, from Gwalior... again with a young girl. And many such news are in row... such a shit... such a shame...
The whole country is boiling, everyone is showing anger, everyone wants to punish those animals by there own way... but, is this the end of such brutal act??? Why can't we are finding the solutions??? Why not, we are discussing how to kick such bastards out of our society??? How to finish these creepy mental sickness from everyone's mind???
Ok, they are asking to give death sentence to those animals. Done. But, again, the same question, will it be the full stop of such problems??? Is she will be able to live her life normally??? Is her fortune will again be shining??? Or, will society accept her as a normal girl??? NO...
While all the discussions going on, on TV n around, I heard someone saying "bhai, ham apni ladkiyon ko isiliye bahar nahi bhejte, ghar mei raho, jyada surakshit hai."  Another said, "I don;t understand, why parents send their daughters for study outside, if they can't handle them. " 
After listening all such things, a question struck my mind, that, either any parent knows, ki what is going to happen to their daughter. And, I don't think any parent send their outside for such absurd thing.
And if keeping girls at home is the solution for their safety then why the hell rape happened at home only. I think, its been a month, I read a news, where, a father, brother n uncle are sexually assaulting a girl, studying in 8th grade, from last 2 years. And, her elder sister also, committed suicide after suffering by such cruel play, taking place at home only. Father and brother are the 2 most safe, sweet n important relation in a girl's life, till she gets married.
Yah, she is safe, until and unless she don't complain...
There is a saying in Hindi, "yadi shahar mei aag lagi ho to, aadmi sabse pahle ghar ki taraf bhagta hai" {means: if the city is burning then we use to run towards home first}, but what if the home is turned into furnace already.
Tell me about a single place where girls are are safe. Public places, offices, schools, colleges or home??? These animals don't see any relation, any age factor in front of their lust.
My cousin sister is having 2 beautiful, cute little daughters. After all such happened, she was asking me "what we will do, n how we will bring up our kids?" And suddenly a thought came, to which we are opposing from a long-long time, FEMALE FOETICIDE. I know, its a sin, but if I'll have a daughter n by her misfortune, any such thing will happen to her... then for sure, I will have a thought, that its better to kill her by myself only. {Only, by thinking all such stupidity, I get goosebumps.} Cause, I do not believe n my great country's, great law n orders... Its all like a crap...  :(
And, I never thought that, I'll write any such post... M really so sorry, if anyone got hurt by any single word of mine...

Friday, November 23, 2012

The songs... n sleepless nights of PAPA...

Till, the date, its a record, that I am simply unable to listen this song without having tears in my eyes... Don't know how, but it connects me to my Papa. Its like, its just for me... i know after listening this song every "daddy's daughter" thinks that, but for me, its a very special one...
Well... everyone in family tells me about the time I born. I don't belong to any metro city or some well developed place, so as usual birth of a girl is just a simple birth, no big parties, no big celebrations{as per people's theory}... But my dad, he is someone very different and yes, how cloud I forget my Grandmother, my Dadi, she was the biggest support to my dad n mom, n she was the most happy person on my birth...  :)
N also, when she was not a very well educated woman... Amazing na??? Yah, she was a very amazing woman... :)

                                                           My daddy strongest.... :)

So, I was telling, when I born, Papa done a big celebration and also I was the first girl in society, at that time, whom "Barahon ceremony"{after the 12 days of the birth if the child, some rituals has to done, with some puja n all the relatives n friends are invited} was happened, cause it was booked only for boys till...
There are many such things which makes Papa different, strongest n daring and also adorable for the rest of the society. Even after such steps many fathers opted the path...
But, when I come to this song, this reminds me of all those his sleepless nights, when I was in pain. I remember, it was not the starting, but yes bad days of my sickness when I started loosing weight very rapidly n having fever all the day n night, he was unable to sleep, he use to come to me in the nights to check the temperature. It was the first time when I got the most severe pain, that I was unable to sleep, took the painkiller but of no use... then I went to living room n just switch on the T.V., just after 10-12mins Papa was beside me, asking "what happened???"  I told him crying about my pain, he just brought me many ointments, Ayurvedic oils, with having tears in his eyes...
It also reminds me of the time when I was in hospital n he was unable to be there, cause of his job... n he use to call me 4-5 times a day, n always ask me"when r u coming home beta?" And the day I returned home, he was waiting curiously on the door. {he use to call beta to both of us... me n my sister... n brother is already a beta :P}
Once he visited me in hospital only, n seen me smiling again, so advised me "don't use to smile front of doctors atleast, otherwise they will think that u r perfect n will not complete ur medication again."
{I'm writing these all things of my seconds surgery, tht's why using 'again'}

now listen the song...

I will try to write much more...sometime next... without tears... :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hindu Widows’ Remarriage Act… exists???

As, we live in a society, n specially “Indian Society”… thinking, rule-n-regulations, style of living, mentality is near by same, everywhere… as we also say “Kashmir se Kanyakumari tak Bharat ek hai” … n that’s why hamari thinking bhi ek hai…
We also know that the 80% people living in our country are Hindus.
Well, we are a developing country, and every Nation in World’s map know about us, they are discussing about us n about our intelligence, development in every field, our success, our economy etc. If we are developing in every field, in every sector then what happens when we come to the development in thinking about women??? I admit that, we progressed, but is this progress could be seen everywhere???
So, many rules, who were a curse to our society were demolished, like Sati Pratha, Baal-Vivaah. And many plans-n-programs are made in which the best is Ladli Lakshmi Yojna. But what about the Acts or Laws which were already made? In all those Laws, there is a Law which impressed me the most… HINDU WIDOWS’ REMARRIAGE ACT 1856.
Allow me to give some introduction about this Law.
This Law is also known as Act XV, 1856, which was enacted on 25th July, 1856. It legalized the remarriage of Hindu widows in all jurisdictions of India under East India Company rule.
The another quality of this Law which impressed me, is, it was made by that East India Company, of which we know only the worst parts or the worst thing they given to us.
Well… back to the point… In order to protect both what it considered family honour and family property, upper-caste Hindu society had long disallowed the remarriage of widows, even child and adolescent ones, all of whom were expected to live a life of austerity and abnegation. The Hindu Widows’ Remarriage Act of 1856, enacted in response to the campaign of Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, provided legal safeguards against loss of certain forms of inheritance for a remarrying Hindu widow, though, under the Act, the widow forsook any inheritance due her from her deceased husband. Especially targeted in the act were Hindu child widows whose husbands had died before consummation of marriage.
Other important stipulations of the Hindu Widows’ Remarriage Act, 1856 are:
Status of guardianship of children
If the guardianship of a minor child is not expressly constituted in the will of the deceased, his parents, paternal grandfather, maternal grandmother and any close male relative may appeal to the court for obtaining guardianship on the widow’s remarriage.
Rights of the widow in deceased husband’s property
Upon remarriage, the widow’s rights over the deceased husband’s property, which is received through inheritance or as maintenance, are generally transferred to the next heirs of the deceased.
Status of remarriage of a minor widow
In this case, a valid marriage can only take place when the father of the minor widow gives his consent. If the widow is fatherless, the consent of her paternal grandfather, mother, elder brother or male relative (in the specific order) is required.
Remarriages by widows continue to be largely frowned upon in India, despite the supposed urbanization and modernization sweeping the nation. Family members, from in-laws to long-lost cousins, still have a huge say in the life and choices that women make.

Social Pressures That Work Against Widow Remarriage in India

A Hindu widow is expected to live a life of prayers and noble endeavors by the society she lives in. The expectation does not extend to Hindu widowers. Interestingly, a man who loses his wife is usually pressurized to marry for the sake of ‘companionship’ and so on.
The obvious gender discrimination begins from within the society and percolates to the people who are a part of it. Those who question it are disapproved of or alienated tacitly and those who abide by these social norms are labeled as respectable.
Times are changing and so have many such prejudices. However, in a majority of Hindu families, the concept of widow remarriage is still not fully acceptable. While changing the outlook of family members about remarriage may be an insurmountable task, the Hindu laws support the same to emancipate such aggrieved women and help them lead a fulfilled life.
Even, so many movies are made on the same issue, for example:- Prem Rog, Baabul, Ek Chadar Maili si, Ishwar, and many more.
But, instead of all such things, I think… A woman should take a stand for herself. They must raise their voice for themselves. Because if she can do anything for anyone, she can play many roles to many people in her life, could even move to Yamraj for her husbands’ life as Savitri, could provide her whole life to society as Mother Teressa…  then why not a single step for herself…
Just a SINGLE STEP… the World will be with you…   :)