Friday, November 18, 2011

The Lady-love…

A long lasting love of a woman… as we know
The easiest gift to gift a girl or woman… as we know
She is a chocoholic… as we know
But, why it is so???                                                           
Isn’t it sinful, to explain always, the love of a woman for a chocolate???
What exactly about chocolate is it so wonderful???
From cakes to cookies, to drinks, to shakes, to ice-creams… everything, everywhere…
Colour, shape, size, brand… nothing matters. What matters is just CHOCOLATE.
Do you know, nearly 99% of women love chocolates… Don’t know how the 1% live without it???
The love’s limit extended that much, that it also involved even in their beauty treatments.And also in their make-up.
Well…  Chocolate and its taste is always a mystery. We can know about the ingredients and their percent used in the chocolate, but about the magic, we don know anything. Its true that, You cant explain love in words, its a feeling that you can just feel.    :)
It tastes great as it melts in your mouth. Chocolate lovers often describe this melting feeling as a moment of true of ecstasy. It’s the cocoa butter in chocolate that gives it the rich and creamy texture that we love so much. Chocolate makes us feel good.
Chocolate is good for you. Recent studies show that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, contains chemicals that can lower the risk of cancer and heart disease. The antioxidants in dark chocolate have shown to make a difference in cardiovascular health.
Giving of chocolate, as gifts of love has been long popular in Japan since the late 1950s. A bit different though; during Valentine’s Day, the ones doing the giving are the women instead and usually, chocolates were sent as gifts to confess their love for that special guy. Heart-shaped chocolates would usually be given. To nevertheless balance out this unique custom, “White Day” was later invented in Japan. On 14th of March it falls, one month after Valentine’s Day exactly. During this day, guys who received the chocolate will be given the chance to reciprocate their valentine gifts with soft, fluffy marshmallows. This would be the happiest day for girls who receive their fluffy gifts. Isn’t it so lovely?
Well, giving of chocolate as a gift of love has today, definitely become more and more popular. Along with the greeting card, your message of love will be delivered. Filled with your most genuine love, each chocolate will contain. Melting one’s heart as they melt in the mouth, warming up their heart as sweetness run through their tongue.

Well, a perfect gift for your love, chocolate will be. Just like buying roses during Valentine’s Day, chocolate can never go wrong. In fact, the both could be the best combination ever. Do you know that roses contain the “Love Chemical”, Phenylethylamine? That explains for its distinct scent.
And, now guess what… Chocolate also contains the same “love chemical” … it is the same chemical that is released in your brain when you fall in love; leading to that increase in the pounding of your heart, feeling of a sudden gush of excitement. “Love Chemical” is what some would call it. It is also believed by researcher that phenylethylamine in turn causes the brain to release mesolimbic dopamine in the pleasure centers of the brain, another chemical where its presence is at peak during an orgasm.

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leoPaw said...

The ecstasy of melting one’s heart as they melt in the mouth like in orgasm. I just love them (all of them)!
Nice post and its time to go have my orgasm.. oops! chocolate i mean. ;).

POOJA... said...

@leoPaw... hahahhahaaaa...
ohh... ohh k... good...

जयकृष्ण राय तुषार said...

nice poem |

Anonymous said...

My best friend always called me an alien because apparently, I'm not from earth if I don't like chocolate. Does the fact that I'm a guy act as a consolation? :P

Lovely post :D

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