Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Unknown Helper...

When you feel the darkness around
And the loneliness is full of quite sound
Finding none of the helping hand
And just seeing someone to take your
success away from you
and you are helpless
can't do anything except a corner-stand...

someone unknown came with lights
tells you the ways to fight
And you started to win the battle- ground again
with only success and happiness's rain

Wanna thanks that unknown heartedly
But, can't
as he disappeared so suddenly

Thank you so much where ever you are
And wish you and yur future shines as A MORNING STAR...


Sanjeev said...

Just when you are left in the lurch and somebody comes from nowhere and takes control of the affairs the feeling is of tremendous relief and joy which cannot be described in words. You have dealt with the situation with beautiful words and most importantly very well put forward. I am not the lucky person in a situation like this but if there is life there is hope too!

umapoems said...

Its like a wish come true...some hand lending help when needed...Nice poem